Before professional wrestling when national, wrestlers could be “good” in one part of the country and “bad” in another. When coverage went national, even loyal audiences began to see they were being duped. In the same way, the Australian Rupert Murdoch convinced FOX viewers in the U.S. that the network was loyal to America by spinning the news with a patriotic twist. Of course, Murdoch was spinning the news differently in each of his markets around the world, but few Americans think outside their own boundaries so the scam went undetected. But now Fox has intoduced a station appealing to Latino and Latina audiences. It is interesting to see how the same story is spun in each of those markets. The “regular” U.S. coverage aimed at white viewers with racist attitudes uses words like “younger illegals”, whereas the Latino version uses terms like “undocumented children.” Even the photos are very different.

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