10 Questions for “Right to Life” Activists

Here in Texas an anti-choice bill is supposed to pass today that will close down all but 5 of our reproductive clinics. It will be a sad day for poor rural women in Texas. I realize that the people behind this bill are sincere and have no idea of the pain they are unleashing, but if I could I would ask “Pro-life” activists the following questions:


  1. Where were your “Right to Life” protests when these Texas Republicans slashed social programs that might actually make it possible for a poor woman to raise a child? How can you call yourself “Pro-life” if you are against providing the necessities for life?
  2. Have you ever noticed that almost all of the physical violence in this struggle comes from your side? When someone is shot, or a building is bombed it is almost always by a “Pro-life” activist. If your movement is really about promoting life how is that possible?
  3. Did you know that red curtain on your abortion poster is actually the uterus of a woman and from that angle, you don’t know anything about what she is going through in her life?
  4. You always talk about your religious freedom, have you ever thought that the rest of us might have a right not to have your religion crammed down our throat?
  5. Have you ever noticed that religious denominations teaching that a woman should not be allowed to make her own reproductive decisions, also teach that she should submit to her husband and should not be a leader in the church? Is it possible you have control issues?
  6. Did you know that, if Jesus didn’t mention a subject, you are being dishonest to say it is a Christian issue?
  7. Do you not realize that when you stop trying to restrict a woman’s right abortion, prochoice people will join you trying to make abortion less common through education and birth control?
  8. Do you know that when abortion is made illegal in any nation, septic abortion becomes a number one killer of women?
  9. Did you know that contrary to much of your literature, raped women actually do get pregnant?
  10. Did you know that to be genuinely “Pro-life” we must affirm life not as we wish it would be, but as it actually is with all it’s ambiguity and agonizing choices.