I really would love to vote for a Republican before I die. It's on my bucket list. I like to think of myself as nonpartisan, but the current generation of Republican leaders attack everything I consider decent and good. Voting for a Republican at this point would be unthinkable.

This is not to say that there aren’t wonderful Republican individuals. Some of the best people I know are Republican, but as a collective group, Republicans are a menace to everything I care about.

If there is a bill to take money out of public education and give it to rich kids in the form of vouchers, it will be Republican. If there is a proposal to sell off some section of the public sector for the benefit of the few, it will be Republican. If you hear of legislation that treats women as breeding stock, or treats same sex love as a perversion, it will be Republican.

And no one should be madder at Republicans than the real conservatives left behind by the Grand Old Party, and whom Republicans have unfairly given such a bad name.