The 2012 presidential campaign has started in the gutter and will only go down from there. It looks like the President will run a negative campaign, and Sununu’s attack on the patriotism of President Obama was the most dangerous form of demagoguery, “This guy is not really one of us. He’s someone and something else.”

But when his fellow Republicans went after Huma Abedin, an Arab American who advises Hilary Clinton, claiming she has links to the Muslim Brotherhood, John McCain rose to the floor to protect someone being attacked unfairly because they are from an unpopular or misunderstood group.

No one is fooled by those who question Obama’s loyalties to the country. He is being attacked in this way because he is black. It is one thing to attack his policies, but to say he isn’t really one of us, seems a thinly coded message aimed at a white audience. In the same way, no one is fooled by the attack on Huma Abedin, she is being attacked in this way because she is of Arab descent. I disagree with John McCain on many things, but today I want to thank him for reminding us of an endangered species, a real American who stands up for his fellow citizens who are being attacked unfairly.

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