According to a study done by the Harvard Medical School, it is estimated that 45,000 uninsured people die every year in the United States from preventable diseases. The Affordable Care Act will help reduce that number, but because the public option was taken off the table, one does not have to look very far down the road to see that Americans will still live under the tyranny of Insurance corporations. It is true they cannot deny coverage, but they certainly can make the premiums unreachable for any condition they do not wish to cover.

Obamacare is not the answer. It is a good thing that fewer people will die, but we need to get to work on the real solution to affordable health care which is single payer. The good news is the bill is already written. It is the “Conyers/Kucinich enhanced Medicare for All” bill. Time to take it off the table and get to work. Every American should receive basic health care. If nothing else, let’s start with saying every child deserves basic health care.