You have to have thick skin to do a blog. Almost anything you say will be interpreted as hurtful by somebody somewhere. Throw in the times when I actually am insensitive, and it is a recipe for misunderstandings.

I am really trying to push the envelope when I write, and human language is so ambiguous that without voice tone and body language it is sometimes impossible for us not to project intent upon one another.

I’m still learning the art of blogging. I can’t count how many times I have tried to make a point using an example, only to have that example heard in ways I never would have expected; meanwhile, the one thing missing from the conversation is the point I was trying to make.

Sometimes that misunderstanding occurs because I have misspoken, other times it feels as if I tried to give someone a vase of flowers, and they took out the flowers, broke the vase, cut themselves with the shards, and then asked why I attacked them.

Much to learn.