We cannot renounce politics. Politics enters the equation as soon as a second person enters the room. That is why if there is a group in our culture that proclaims that they want no government, you can be sure that they consist primarily of white, heterosexual, Christian males. It is not government the group is renouncing, since any power hierarchy is a form of government, they are renouncing responsibility to share power equally with others.

Those of us who are white heterosexual Christian males have been born into enormous and unearned privileges simply by being born into a culture that is racist, homophobic, xenophobic and sexist. When we denounce politics but do not address the hierarchy of oppression, we can bully others merely by claiming the superior status granted to us in our culture’s pecking order.

Affirmative action, workers’ rights, and the protection of civil liberties of minority groups are essential to protect the weak from the strong. We can say we do not care about politics, but politics is how we share power. If we do not renounce our unfair privileges and build protections into our fabric of governance, then we exploit others merely by hiding in the structures of oppression we deny even exist.