Last year Denmark was ranked as the happiest nation in the world.  Please don’t think about that when we have political discussions here in the United States. Polls showing that Scandinavian countries and their socialist economies make people consistently happier have no bearing for us here in the States.

We all know that happiness follows personal success not social solidarity. And we all know that low taxes are the only way to achieve that goal. We here in the United States know that big government in the form of universal health care, free education and unemployment compensation are the road to misery despite what those wooden-shoed Nordic pinkos say. It is much better to let wealth be concentrated in the hands of a few hundred billionaires than to guarantee a livable wage for all. In the States we may spend our lives in dead end jobs, and have our pensions stolen, but at least we know that some poor kid won’t get an undeserved education and nutrition.

Instead of thinking about what we might do better in our own country, let us agree that because Denmark is smaller and more homogeneous than we, that we have nothing to learn from them. Let us tell each other that their happiness doesn’t come from knowing that they will be treated as human beings from cradle to grave. Let us affirm in unison that people are much happier in a dog eat dog economy. Let us also affirm that we would rather have the empty fantasy of personal wealth and live as wage slaves, than to have to share our nation’s treasures fairly with each other.

It’s always a slippery slope on the tundra my friends.