Paolo Gabriele is the former butler of Pope Benedict XVI. He was recently convicted for releasing the Pope’s private papers and leaking them to the press. The Vatican has every right to fire someone who betrays their confidence, but because the Vatican is its own entity, Gabriele was accused by the Vatican, tried in the Vatican, judged by the Vatican and will be imprisoned in the Vatican. Apparently the Magna Charta doesn’t extend into Papal turf.

According to the former butler, he leaked the papers because he became convinced that the church had become evil and corrupt when he saw its inner workings. He wanted the world to know what really happens behind closed doors. As I say, the Pope should have every right to fire someone who feels and acts that way, but who knew that the Vatican has its own jail? It’s a bit chilling when the same entity is judge, jury and executioner of a sentence. But, I guess when you represent Christ on earth, turning the other cheek is out of the question.

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