Any minister is saddened to discover that there is a demon hidden in his or her church, but a demon who mocks our sacred national myths is a particular threat. So, I was shocked to discover yesterday that one of the members of the church where I serve wrote an article entitled “No Thanks for Thanksgiving,” which can be found following this link

When I first met Bob Jensen, I was aware he was listed in a book called The 100 Most Dangerous Intellectuals, but I never thought he would ruin the wonderful story of Thanksgiving by bringing up the true story right in the middle of our meal. When I am celebrating this wonderful land that God gave us, I don’t want to be reminded that we actually stole it, and so are actually thanking God that our own thievery was successful. Apparently there are a lot of people who feel the same way I do. I found the following titles of articles criticizing Jensen’s piece. Trouble was it was the same article under different names, but don’t let that stop a good lynching:

Robert Jensen Leftwing Junkmedia Professor Calls Thanksgiving a White Supremacist Holiday

 Far Left Professor: Thanksgiving Celebrates Our “Original Sin”

Thanksgiving Celebrates Our ‘Original Sin,’ ‘Views Virtually Identical To Nazis,’ Journalism Prof Preaches

Well, you get the idea. US constitutional Free Press is a website celebrating freedom. It’s motto, “give me liberty or give me death” should not be understood to mean that they believe that left wing thought should be tolerated, or that feminists should be heard. The site tagged Jensen’s article under categories like “ignorance” and “liberal hate,” so now when someone searches Google using the word “ignorance” they may trip across Jensen’s article. Take that, Illuminati!

Responses to the article were also illuminating:

“That makes him Nordic Nazi Viking Racist and so ashamed of it he will sell out his own race in favor of those that would destroy us.”
“Their claim to strive for diversity is an act of dividing people. Busting up people that have a commonality, as all humans do, in order to undermine the cohension (sic) of society itself..  This is exactly what the Nazi’s did in order to take over,. divide and conquer Unity is what society should strive for, not division Unity brings peace , prosperity and progress. Progressive want to undermine the unity that national holidays bring to us,  So they must attempt to destroy Thanksgiving , Christmas, the Fourth of July ,….anything that brings us together.”

Unfortunately most of the responses used words I cannot repeat, but again, you get the idea.

If I may summarize the critiques of his article, Jensen is an idiot (lots of synonyms for that word), left wing intellectual who once wrote an article for a gay newspaper and for a George Soros funded site. Like all elites, Comrade Jensen is trying to destroy America by dividing us, and by “us” they do not mean women, or blacks, or immigrants, or homosexuals, or poor people, or Muslims, (please extent phrase to infinity including all entities not included in the subset “straight, white, Christian, conservative men, born in the continental U.S.).

I have to say “Nordic Nazi Viking Racist” is a phrase worthy of Shakespeare. Let’s see Professor Fancy Pants refute that kind of first rate rebuttal.