Ralph Reed, one of the master minds of the religious right’s covert campaign to take over of school boards and bottom of the ticket offices some years back, has resurfaced using some of his best tricks. While it would be unseemly (not to mention contradictory) to call Obama a nazi and a communist, Reed can plant those seeds by sending out a questionnaire worded in such a way that the implication is clear. While openly endorsing a candidate would violate the strictures of a tax exemption, asking  churches to answer baited questions in a survey, and then reporting the results, would be hard to prosecute.

I’m glad for Reed that he avoided prison for his role in the Abramoff scandal, when he took payments from Abramoff to lobby against a competing casino behind the guise of a Christian anti-gambling theme. Still, I can’t decide whether his career has done more to set back justice in politics, or integrity in religion.