Bob Jensen and I are good friends and agree on most things, but this week he has put our friendship to the test by writing an article criticizing the sacred sport of football. It is called, “Learning to hate longhorn football.” Okay, he didn’t actually attack Bevo, as the title suggests, but if the football program is closed down, Bevo is a beef sandwich.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must confess that I am a football fan. I am also a graduate of the Universtity of Texas. I would be a hypocrite to post this article without confessing that I will watch the Cowboy game tonight. But I am posting this essay because, like most things Bob Jensen writes, it raises questions a lot of us don’t want to ask. In this case, he is asking what effect college football programs may be having on the rest of education, and on the athletes themselves.

I suspect we will have a good conversation about this. And remember, just because Bob Jensen is a Godless football hating yankee doesn’t mean we shouldn’t love him.