He seems like such a nice guy. His red hair and matching nose seem to radiate joy and compassion like the Dalai Lama with fries.  But Ronald has a problem, he is an abusive employer. Recently, Ron and the corporation we know as McDonald’s decided to give out sample budgets to their hundreds of thousands of underpaid employees. The budget overlooked a few items like food and heating and suggested that what responsible employees should do is seek two full time jobs.

In Ronald’s defense, let me say he is very very rich. It is understandable that he blames poverty upon the people he himself underpays. It is the American way. Many rich in America assume that people are poor because they are inferior and either lazy or disorganized. So it was natural for Ronald and the others to take on the role of loving parents and to pass out budgets that would demonstrate to the poor stupid workers just how they themselves got so rich.

The problem is that Ronald and the others didn’t get rich by pinching pennies, they got rich through wage theft. For the rich to give budget advice to the poor is like an actor who gets liposuction and then writes a book on how to diet. So here is my advice to Ronald McDonald, the clown prince of capitalism:

Ronny, listen to me. If you really want to help the poor, keep your budget advice and pay a living wage.