There is no such thing as “friends in high places.” The cost of entrance to the halls of power is usually one’s principles and almost always one’s ties to humankind. After we have elected the “lesser of two evils” we cannot sit on our hands. At the same time Republicans are calling for greater tax cuts for the richest at the cost of programs for the poorest, Democrats seem willing use the most vulnerable as bargaining chips.

     “We can’t be so naive to believe that just taxing the rich will solve our problems,” said Durbin, speaking at the influential liberal group called Center for American Progress. “Put everything on the table. Repeat. Everything on the table.” -Sen. Richard Durbin

By “everything” Sen. Durbin, of course, includes Medicare and cuts to what even Democrats have come to call “entitlements.” To call feeding and educating a poor child an “entitlement” is quite frankly offensive to me. No nation deserves to call itself civilized that allows it rich to hoard without restraint and its poor to languish without hope..