Texas State Rep. Trey Martinez Fisher has proposed that, if Rick Perry wants to drug test those seeking government money , he should be willing to live by the same law.

Gov. Perry announced this last week that he plans to require drug testing for those who seek unemployment benefits. Texas would join 30 other states that require such testing. Rep. Martinez Fisher feels that, if the Governor passes that law for others, he should be willing to be drug tested himself:

“He’s the largest recipient of government subsidies in the state of Texas,” he said. “His subsidy for his mansion is no different from someone else’s Section 8 voucher.”

When he was running for President, Gov. Perry mentioned that he has had issues with painkillers. The Texas Rep. asks an interesting question. Why should we do drug tests on those who take government money, but have little power to affect our lives, and not test those who take government money and make our most important decisions?