It has long been known that one group of ants can enslave another group and make them work within their own mound. In 2009, ant researcher Dr. Susanne Foitzik began to discover signs of “ant rebellion.” She discovered that enslaved ant workers would actually commit acts of sabotage against their captors.   She discovered that enslaved worker ants could secretly kill over half of their captor’s offspring.

Revolutionary ants offer a strange parable for humans who find ourselves trapped in hierarchies of our own.  The individual ants do not escape their own captivity, but their hidden acts of rebellion benefit their own mound somewhere else. The moral of the story may be that, no matter how helpless we may seem to be as individuals, we can still participate in acts of solidarity.

There are three revolutions necessary to be fully human. First we must resist all that demeans and dehumanizes us to what ever degree we can. Secondly, we must refuse to be a cog in the machine of someone else’s oppression. Finally, the ultimate revolution for a human being is for us to leave the sect and party of our origin and to serve humanity as a whole.