I am still waiting for a president who does not put the wants of the rich on the same scale as the needs of the poor.

As long as this current President is willing to meet this current Republican Party half way, he is half the leader we need. What we need is someone who not only speaks like Obama speaks, but someone who will go directly to the people to show us how we can actually live out those ideals.

This is a nation that voted for Obama when he seemed in favor of internationalism, transparency, universal healthcare and against militarism and corporate greed. To say he did not have the support to create change is delusional. He could not bring change because he continued to play the same old rigged game.

We need a president who addresses the nation directly to explain how we have been robbed, and to show us who did it. This cannot be done by someone who is more concerned with working cooperatively with the fox, than with protecting the hens. We need someone who will place so much pressure on Washington that they have no choice but represent us. We need someone who will say what we all know, our democracy has been bought, and the citizenship must collectively rise up if we are to regain control over our own lives.

We need someone who not only has the rhetoric of MLK, but someone who has the same prophetic commitment to justice for all. We need someone who will go directly to the people that voted against war and explain how we can dismantle the industrial military complex without compromising national security. We need someone who will go directly to the people who voted for universal health care and explain to them how they were robbed by the banks and by Wall Street and by big pharma.

We don’t need a political compromiser who will sell out the weakest and most vulnerable so he or she can pass tepid legislation, we need a Moses who will call us out of our captivity.