Is Obama a socialist?  I think a look at his State of the Union Message will dispel that little bit of insanity.

“I believe what Republican Abraham Lincoln believed: That Government should do for people only what they cannot do better by themselves, and no more.” As an illustration, he said, “That’s why our health care law relies on a reformed private market, not a Government program.” -Barack Obama

A socialist believes in putting people ahead of making money. The private sector cannot do the task of providing universal health coverage because it will always be cheaper to deny coverage than to provide it. Obama talked about single payer when he was running, so it’s understandable that some would accuse him of socialism, but he has proven that he will support markets no matter who gets hurt.  Would a socialist’s first act be to empty the public coffers into a bailout of corrupt businesses?

“The United States is the “one indispensable nation in world affairs—and as long as I’m President, I intend to keep it that way.” -Barack Obama

Again, a socialist sees the needs of humanity as more important than any one nation.  A socialist would move toward international law and weakening boundaries, not toward turning his or her own nation into an unrivaled empire.

Furthermore, a socialist President would visibly stand by unions and migrant workers and show up at revolutionary activities like the Occupy Movement.  Sorry capitalists, but Obama is innocent of the charge of “socialism”.  In fact, he’s one of yours.