When I first began to awaken politically, I called a friend to ask what I would need to know to advocate for the causes I care about. My friend gave me a brief tour of the Texas Capital. Walking through the pictures of former legislators he said, “This is what you have to realize. Look into their faces. These are some of the dumbest people you will ever meet. Just don’t think you can reason them out of positions they did not reason themselves into.”

I don’t think the powerful are necessarily dumb at all, but they do benefit from a rejection of reason in favor of patriotic, capitalistic demogogery. Reason holds truth claims in the same scale no matter how much money is behind them. It is understandable then that many rich would want to destroy public education to keep a cheap workforce for their own progeny.

So we should have seen this coming. The Texas GOP has launched a war on reason. One battle in that war is a proposal to end the teaching of critical thinking skills. For a broader look at the GOP platform I have attached a recent Huffington Post article by Beth Broderick.

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