The question seemed to come out of nowhere. Texas Buddha had been pulling weeds with his friend the Reverend Clovis Jones when, suddenly, the good reverend blurted out, “So, what do you believe?”

Realizing Reverend Jones had been stewing on the question for some time, TB Stopped his work. He rested on his hand and knees for a moment. He watched a drop of sweat fall to the ground. Finally, he answered, “I do not seek belief but awareness.”

“But what is your creed?”

“I do not know.”

Clovis returned to his work. Half kidding, he muttered, “I’ve heard that a person who stands for nothing will fall for anything.”

TB also returned to pulling weeds. “And I’ve heard you cannot see through another’s eyes.”

Clovis said in all earnestness, “When I recite a creed I feel I am stating the truth of my religion.”

“Just be careful my friend.” TB returned, “Even something true becomes a lie if repeated too often.”