Father McAfee was giving a sermon on faith, hope and love. Behind him shone a huge stained glass window with the risen Christ sitting on a throne, wearing a crown and looking sternly at the congregation.

Texas Buddha enjoyed the Father’s sermon but did not kneel when the proper time came. Father McAfee was not upset but wanted TB to know that kneeling was not done to him as a priest but “to Christ who is our ruler.”

“I understand,” said TB, “but I do not think of the sacred in terms of power.”

“What do you mean?” the Father returned, “God made the world. God rules the world. What is wrong with Giving God that glory?”

“When we think of the sacred as power it hurts us in several ways. First it disappoints us because we keep waiting for that power to come to our aid, which it does not always do. Second, when we imagine the sacred in terms of human power with God as the ruler, we usually set up a hierarchy with clergy representing that power on earth.

“If baboons were to picture God as a big and powerful baboon they would imagine in their vanity that they were giving God ultimate praise. In fact, they would be flattering themselves. It is no different when people picture God as a large and powerful human ruler.

“Look at the flowers. The sun doesn’t shine in order to force flowers to grow. The sun’s light is all gift. And the flowers do not honor the sun by kneeling to it, they honor their source by blossoming fully. Their faith is in their roots. Their love is in their perfume, their hope is in their seed.