A friend invited Texas Buddha to hear Guru Chohan Chhala who claims to channel the ascended masters and to lead his followers to a higher plane of consciousness. TB politely declined.

“I thought you had an open mind,” the friend responded, “Guru Chhala has been known to levitate and perform other miracles.”

“My practice is quite different,” responded Texas Buddha. “I do not seek to levitate. I practice so I can come down to earth.  Life is the only miracle I need.”

“But Guru Chhala has reached the seventh level of enlightenment. Don’t you wish for higher consciousness?”

Texas Buddha slowly shook his head. “Those who seek higher consciousness or esoteric secrets are like foolish kittens climbing a tree. In their giddy pursuit of height they do not realize how far they are removing themselves from their true habitat. They only realize their plight when they cannot get back down to anything that really matters in their everyday lives.”