A spiritual seeker was always starting over. He was excited to convert to a new religion but, before long, he would always find some imperfection in the people or in the teaching. Eventually, he would always leave and seek out something new. For a while, he became an atheist, but found flaws with them as well.

Late in life the seeker found himself alone and without a practice. He decided to confront Texas Buddha, “You said every road leads to God, but I have tried them all and found nothing.”

Texas Buddha, who was digging a well, looked up to study the seeker for a moment. “Every road does lead to truth, but you must choose one as your life practice. Life is too short, and we are too small, to walk every path. If you dig one hundred shallow wells, you will not find water. What you are seeking can only be found at a certain depth of living. Choose a loving form of religion, or a loving form of atheism, but give yourself entirely to some path to love. It is a vicious cycle to always seek truth as something new, something we do not have. So long as we are driven by this self-contempt, we are not seeking truth but fleeing ourselves.”