A man was selling bibles door to door. One day a door opened to reveal the Texas Buddha. He had flowing orange robes, blue jeans and a Lone Star Beer. The salesman thought to himself that there was  no chance a Buddhist would want to buy a bible, so he started to leave.

“What do I get if I buy your bible?” Asked the enlightened one. The salesman was a little taken back, but answered, “This bible tells you how to be good. It tells you the history of our faith.” Texas Buddha frowned and asked, “Why would I want to buy the scattered bones of a dead lion?” Shaking his head, he closed the door.

The salesman was rattled, but he knocked again. When the door opened, the salesman blurted out, “This Bible also contains wisdom you can use to live wisely today. It is a handbook for living.” Texas Buddha examined the book, and said, “That is better. Now you are following the lion’s footprints.” Again, he closed the door.

Now the salesman was truly shaken. He thought for a moment about why he was religious in the first place. Finally, he knocked a third time. “I just want to be a good person. I read scripture because I want to learn to love.” Reaching for his wallet to buy a bible, Texas Buddha smiled, ”And that is the lion’s roar.”