Rev. Clovis Jones and Rabbi Ben Solomon were marveling at the Texas Buddha’s ability to accept all kinds of people. They asked him the secret of such tolerance. ”It is very difficult to explain,” he responded, “let’s go camping for the weekend and I will share the secret of tolerance with you.”

That night in their tent, the Reverend and the Rabbi kept waking each other, “You’re snoring, I can’t sleep.”

“What do you mean I am snoring?” the other would say.” You have kept me up all night with your racket! How dare you say I snore when you sound like a chainsaw?“

Meanwhile, Texas Buddha slept through it all. The next morning neither clergy was speaking to the other.

“I think it was a mistake to bring us here.” Said the Rev. Jones,”We are more judgmental than ever.”

Texas Buddha put a hand on each of his friend’s shoulders and pulled them closer, “You judged each because you believed your subjective opinion of the other was an objective fact. You can learn the secret of tolerance if you will learn two great truths from this weekend.”

“What are the two great truths?” asked the Rabbi.

Said Texas Buddha, “None of us can sleep through another’s snoring, nor hear our own.”