A man approached Texas Buddha, “My wife and I argue all the time. She says you can help us. I am a skeptic, but I am desperate. Do you have any advice for us?”

“I am sorry to hear that you are having difficulties,” he answered, “What seems to be the problem?”

“I am a very educated man. I have been tested as a genius many times. My wife is very sweet, but not that bright. She is always saying stupid things, which gets me upset. So we fight”

“I see,” answered Texas Buddha. “It sounds like you need Tibetan Dumb Drops.” Reaching into his blue jean jacket, he produced three such pills; one red, one blue and one yellow. “When your wife says something stupid, dissolve a red drop under your tongue, then a blue, then a yellow. At that point your wife will grow wiser.” Looking disappointed, the man took the three pills and left.

The next morning the man came running up to Texas Buddha. “I am amazed! My wife started to say something stupid I placed the red drop under my tongue. By the time I got to the yellow drop, she was making sense. You’ve saved our marriage. What on earth is the formula of Tibetan Dumb Drops?”

Reaching back into his blue jean jacket, the Compassionate One produced a box of candies. “What I gave you were ordinary gum drops. Your wife appeared stupid to you because you weren’t listening long enough to hear what she was trying to say. The secret to the Tibetan Dumb Drop is not in the formula. It’s in the closed lips.”