Texas Buddha and the Rev. Clovis Jones were passing through Amarillo when they ran across a preacher yelling on the street corner, “This town is going to hell in a hand basket!”

Clovis ran up to the preacher and said, “You must not get so upset, you will make yourself sick!”

“Look around you!” the preacher growled. “There are illegal immigrants, homosexuals and Muslims everywhere!”

Calvin answered, “My friend, you must not let your judgments of others rob you of the Christ-like love you are trying to teach.”

“I am not judging these people,” the preacher exploded, “God’s word is judging them. And I am being loving! If I don’t rebuke these people they will all go to hell.”

Returning to their truck, Clovis asked, “How do some Christians get so mean?”

“It is very sad, but not uncommon,” Texas Buddha sighed. “He became so focused on saving the souls of others that he has lost his own.”