Men of Texas, when we were young there were always women and girls who cheered for us. Whether it was in sports or some other quest, their support brought out something in us that might not have come out any other way. For forty thousand years women have given that support to men. Now it is time for us to return the favor.


We are at a time in human history where women are throwing off the chains of patriarchy and defining their own lives. Women are moving into positions of leadership thought impossible not that long ago. Honoring the wisdom and strength of women will bring our species to a new chapter in our history. But this coming to consciousness in women has brought about a vicious counter reaction from some men. In particular, women who take responsibility for their own bodies and reproductive decisions have been vilified and attacked by cowardly men in power. This attack is despotic for, if a person does not have rights over her own body, no other right matters.


On October 29, unless a court blocks the new law, poor rural women in Texas will begin to lose access to safe abortions. Texas men and women must rally to help them obtain transportation. Eventually, we must remove the political bullies who are causing this misery, but, for now, we must rally to help our sisters claim control of their own lives.


In the coming months we will all have opportunities to help, but men in particular need to search our consciences to calculate the debt we owe to the women who have supported us, and to recognize our duty to return that support at this critical time. We cannot be leaders in this women’s movement, but we can be their best cheerleaders as they lead us all into a fuller and richer humanity.