Thanks to all the wonderful people who stopped by my blog or Facebook page this year. Our conversations have been such a gift.
Some years back I stopped writing for national websites like Huffington Post and Common Dreams. Something felt wrong, but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was.
Earlier in my ministry I realized that, if I was not very careful, the task of giving weekly sermons could put my mind on auto-pilot. I would be just pumping out words instead of sharing actual insights. I made a promise to myself early on that if Sunday morning ever came around, and I had nothing to say, I wouldn’t waste peoples’ time by delivering a sermon. Instead, I would have the courage to just admit I had nothing to say that morning.
I have realized that I had that same concern with writing. Peoples’ time is the most important possession they have. To waste another’s time is the worst kind of theft.  I realized instead of writing longer essays on schedule, what  what I really wanted to do is share insights and have a conversation. You have made that possible this year and I am deeply grateful.
I may go back to more public writing at some point, but this blog and this page have been a wonderful home base for getting thoughts together. Thanks for the conversation.