When I started the blog I was hoping to share news stories most people don’t see in the mainstream presses. I wanted to present a viewpoint beyond the liberal and conservative dichotomy. I hoped to make it fun.

More importantly, I was hoping to widen the converstation on the nature of religion. I knew that there were many of you who had profound insights that did not fit in the immature categories available in this culture for the subject of meaning and purpose. Some of you are theists, some are nontheists, some are scientists, some are poets. I knew that the conversation could be amazing if we could find common coin.

We had built up to maybe 5,000 people a month on the site, but about a week ago something happened. Because so many of you shared articles, the site exploded. So far this month we’ve had 98,000 hits and we still have a week to go.

I’m not doing anything different so I know you must be sharing articles in ways I don’t even understand. I really believe this is a critical conversation for our nation and for our world. Because I’m still groping to figure out the basic aspects of a site, I am very aware that I owe you all a debt of gratitude for your patience, and for filling in where I fall short.  I just wanted to say “thank you.”