I suspect more blasphemy happens on Thanksgiving in American churches than any other time of the year.

To thank God for our blessings as though heaven has favored us over the world’s poor is blasphemy in my book. God did not give us this land, we stole it from the original inhabitants and built this nation using slave labor. The church needs to stop claiming otherwise at Thanksgiving.

Heaven does not make anyone a billionaire. Underpaying workers and hoarding resources does that. The one prayer Jesus taught the church was to give thanks for “our daily bread.” The operative word in that phrase is “our” daily bread. Food, like the rest of the world, belongs to us all. If there are poor in our world it is because of human injustice, not divine favor.

If a prophet were to speak to the church today, I suspect his or her message would be for us to stop calling our stolen booty “God’s blessings” each year at Thanksgiving time.