In my religion, I am looking for a place between what is called “atheism” and what is called “theism.” I believe there is a mystery that ties us all together that is perhaps less than a god, but certainly more than a rock. I believe we are surrounded by an intelligence that does not think, a power that does not move and a beautiful symmetry that cannot be seen. Religion, for me, is the attempt to share that connection we each feel when passing through a woods, watching a trackless sky or looking into the eyes of a newborn. Religion, for me, is the refusal to forget our intuition of primordial unity.

Some of us, in our religion, give mystery a human face not because we believe it is in any way like a human, but because we want to remember humans are personal emanations of that one mystery. There is a deep mystery shining in between what we are calling “mind” and what we are calling “matter.” For some of us, religion is remembering that, for all our pretenses to the contrary, we humans are as much apart of the web of life as any bug or tree.