I dreamt I had died and stood before the judgement throne. God said, “I will ask you five questions. Your answers will reveal everything that needs to be known about the rest of your life.”


And these were the five questions God asked of me:

1. “Were you obedient to religious customs, or did you take responsibility for your life?”

2 “Did you serve holy reason, or some human creed?”

3 “Did you purchase or create your most valued art?”

4 “Were your daydreams about dominating or serving humankind?”

5 “Did you most struggle to preserve the past or to build the future?”


Before I could respond, God placed a finger upon my lips and said, “Do not answer here. Answer with your life when you wake from this vision. For I do not judge to condemn the dead. What would be the point in that? I judge only to awaken the living.”