When I was a teenager back in Dallas, I knew several people in the Klan. One day a woman came up to me with a piece of paper held to her chest. “Are you a member of the white race?” I was speechless, not because I was unaware of racism, I was speechless because I had never heard such a stupid question. I stood there looking at my pasty white arms, while the woman decided I was not made out of Klan timber.

I never got to see the paper she was holding, but I assumed it was an application to the Klan. I wondered what kinds of other stupid questions might be on it. The man who shot the Sikhs in Wisconsin left behind an application to the Klan. What follows is an article from Slate magazine on the applicatin they found.

You have to be racist and white, of course, but the Klan sees themselves as Christian as well. If you are ready to go through the looking glass into the world of a white supremist mind, the link below is a Slate article on the application found by law enforcement people in the home of the shooter.