When I do posts about gun control, I am always amazed at how reasonable most of the gun owners are, as opposed to the actual positions of the NRA.  This article in Truthout was one of those moments where I almost slapped myself in the head and said, “why didn’t I see that all along?”

The NRA is not simply a collection of gun nuts, instead it is many well meaning people who have fallen into an illusion. Unfettered captitalism corrupts everything about our lives and gun lovers are no exception. While the NRA presents itself as representing hunters and those who want to defend themselves, the NRA also represents gun makers. According to this article, the money it takes in from dues isn’t as much as the money it gets from lobbying for gunmakers. I was embarrassed I had know realized this before. As in everything else in a nation living in the false consciousness of capitalism, if you want to know why good people are acting badly, follow the money. If you were a gunmaker, would you rather sell a inexpensive 22 rifle, or a military grade weapon that will make you many times more?

“Annual membership fees at $35 a pop pale in comparison to the millions from industry players who helped finance the NRA’s $136 million worth of influence-pushing in 2010, when the group spent around that amount on legal services, professional fundraising, advertising and promotion, conferences, member communications, program services and legislative action. The institution appears to be more of a lobby for gunmakers than an organization that stands up for gun owners.”