Former CIA officer John Kiriakou pleaded guilty yesterday to charges based on the Espionage Act of 1917.  He is expected to serve 30 months in prison for releasing information on the Bush era torture programs and on the identity of one of the CIA agents who tortured prisoners. It is important to point out that, while the torture took place under George Bush, the policy of ignoring those who have tortured and punishing those who have revealed the torture is that of President Obama.  Even if the President is a nice person, a part of the job description is covering up the dirty work of empire. People of character have to be silenced so the population may sleep blissfully unaware of what it takes to hoard so much of the world’s resources.


“No one except John Kiriakou is being held accountable for America’s torture policy. And John Kiriakou didn’t torture anyone, he just blew the whistle on it.” -Peter van Buren


It is a great thing to love one’s country. But to love one’s country more than one loves justice is but the devotion of a criminal.

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