The second commandment forbids the worship of images. What can that mean but a call to reverent agnosticism?


No statue ever built can match the idolatry of a codified creed. Memorized truth is a lie. We might as well pluck out our eyes as peer thru the cataracts of a dogma. The icons of religion should lead us to the threshold of wonder and then fall away.


We have not understood Genesis until we close our eyes to the story, and open our eyes like Adam or Eve in the garden and see a blade of grass as if it were for the first time, with no memory or context but simply as a burning green fire whose name is BEING.


What Moses saw in the burning bush, what Buddha saw under his tree, the place to which Jesus resurrected and the song to which Shiva dances, are all shadows of the same fire Einstein saw dancing on his chalkboard.