In a recent Pew poll, 88% of African-Americans said they face discrimination in their lives. 46% said they faced a lot of it. By contrast, only 16% of white people said there is a lot of discrimination against black people, although 57% agreed there is some discrimination.

It can be frustrating trying to advocate for a fairer world when people of privilege don’t want to hear about it and feel like victims when asked to treat others fairly.

The following link may be helpful in making the situation clearer to someone who doesn’t want to hear about other people’s problems. One chart shows that the difference between the average income between a white wage earner and black has nearly tripled in the last twenty five years. Another chart shows how 1 in 15 black males is incarcerated, while only 1 in 106 white males suffer that fate. Still another chart shows that black males are 38% more likely to be executed for the crime of murder.

Some of the charts also include statistics for other racial groups. Perhaps it will be useful in helping your reluctant friends to stand in someone else’s shoes.