When I was a kid, Republicans were “live and let live” conservatives. I was young, but I do not remember that party being a haven for the cruel and ignorant. It’s hard to believe it now, but I was President of the Young Republicans at my High School. For all his flaws, Nixon raised the minimum wage and cared about the environment. Eisenhower was a conservative, but who warned against the “military-industrial complex.” I disagree with Romney on most issues, but how any real conservative can choose Rick Santorum’s hateful and ignorant ideas to represent their party over Romney’s or even Gingrich’s focus on more traditional conservative values is a mystery to me. At this point I realize I’m to the left of any political party, but I still care about electoral politics, which means the healthy expression of liberal and conservative ideas. This is a clip of a Republican who is weeping over the issue of same-sex marriage. Maybe it will stir some memories of a day when being fiscally conservative, was not linked to attacking other people, or disregarding human suffering, or being anti-science. To me this is what the Republican Party really is, but that doesn’t matter if they let hateful people speak for them. I do not believe most Republicans are cruel, but I do think they are responsible for allowing hateful groups to hide in their midst. To see the clip,
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