Is anyone else suspicious of this story? I will admit to being a cynic when it comes to US foreign policy, but do we really need more missles to counter North Korea? We have a wall of very expensive missles on the west coast that we have been told will protect us from Russia and China. So, why do we need to spend more on missles just because North Korea has done a few tests? If our missles protect us from the giants, why wouldn’t they also protect us from the lapdog? And if they won’t protect us from North Korea, why should we believe they will protect us from the super powers?

I realize the nations need to posture at times, but I’m tired of cutting domestic spending so the boys can keep playing tin soldier abroad. When will we stop letting defense contractors make a killing every time a two bit dictator shoots a firecracker? I will admit North Korea is dangerous, but what have we been spending all that money on if our missles don’t protect us from a nation that doesn’t even have a delivery system yet?