I probably didn’t need to point out that this recommendation is coming from a Republican, but State Senator Aaron Osmond of Utah is calling for an end to compulsory education for children. Such legislation attacking public education only seems to come from the Republican Party. Senator Osmond posted the following thoughts on his blog:

Before 1890, public education in America was viewed as an opportunity—not a legal obligation. Prior to that time, the parent was primarily responsible for the education of their children. The state provided access to a free education for those that wanted to pursue it. The local teacher was viewed with respect and admiration as a professional to assist a parent in the education of their child.

Then came compulsory education. Our State began requiring that all parents must send their children to public school for fear that some children would not be educated because of an irresponsible parent. Since that day, the proverbial pendulum has swung in the wrong direction.

It is past time for Republicans to rise up and go on record against the members of their party who wage on public education.  If I were Republican I would be furious that my party has become the hiding place of such an anti-intellectual movement. It is not the fault of the Republican party that it has crazy candidates, every party does, but we all have an obligation to renounce the hate and ignorance in our midst. If there is such an outcry in the Republican Party, I haven’t heard it.