Activists warning the world about ALEC had another victory, when Walmart decided to end its support of the stealth lobbying group. Walmart joined Coke, Kraft, and other corporate giants who decided to choose their species over mindless profit. Whether their motivation was noble or not, at least it was human. Someone looked up from the spread sheet long enough to remember they are part of a larger world.

This is why we should never lose hope. If we were playing computer chess, the odds would be so stacked against us that we should just concede the game to corporate interests. But underneath the invincible armor beats a human heart. When you advocate for humankind over against the makers of war, they may hold all the cards, but do not focus at their money. Do not focus at their weapons. Instead, focus on their hearts. That is where our hope lies.

This is not to say resistance is not also necessary, but strikes and boycotts and even revolutions are a holding action. As Gandhi taught, our central task is not to eliminate an enemy, but to illumine a principle. We are not fighting evil, we are teaching and learning how to be human.

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