My college roommate was from Iran so I was told early on I was being systematically misinformed about that nation. At the time, the US had waged a covert war against a peaceful democracy in Iran to impose a dictator who would be friendly to British and US oil interests. And by “friendly” I mean, of course, willing to kill Iranian people to keep them from a taking a fair share of their own resources.

It took a radical religious figure to inspire the Iranian people to depose the Shaw, which the US took as proof of instability in the region and of the need for further interference.

Of late we have heard that Iran is developing nuclear weapons and may need to be stopped militarily. Indeed, UN inspectors discovered that Iran has returned to building a nuclear capacity. That story was very well covered. Most people take that narrative as a given. What was either buried or ignored was this phrase in the UN report:

“Some of the 20 percent fuel is in a form that is extremely difficult to use in a bomb, and most of the stockpile is composed of a fuel enriched at a lower level that would take considerably longer to process for weapons use.”  

I don’t know if Iran is secretly developing nuclear weapons, but I do know we are not telling the whole truth about that nation. There seems to be an unspoken assumption in this country that Muslims are inherently irrational and violent. We will only know if that assumption is true if we are willing to stop kicking them in the teeth long enough to test the premise.