I do not mean to be critical, but I was born in the shadow of the Jewish Holocaust. My life has been haunted by the question of how decent people can do indecent things when hypnotized by religious, political or economic ideologies. I love my nation and my faith but I do not have a right to be noncritical of the propaganda of any group. I want to know what my beliefs mean to those who live under the judgment of my fellow Christians. I want to know what my possessions mean to those who live under the economic tyranny from which my salary comes.  I want to know what my male privilege means to the victims of sexual and domestic violence.. I want to know what my white privilege means to those who face an everyday uphill climb against racism. I do not mean to make others uncomfortable, but my only other choice is to be a guilty bystander. I must ask what kind of religion feels honest questions to be an attack? What kind of nation must silence any news of its actual doings abroad? What kind of an economic system must hide in the shadows the details of its treaties? I must ask the question, when did light become our enemy?