I just received an email from the staff of our governing body known as the Presbytery. Our national church decided not to recognize same gender marriages but, instead, invited us once again to study the issue for two years. Our Executive Presbyter put it this way:

“I am convinced the body of Christ, gathered in that place, exhibited the wisdom only known in being led by the Spirit that was in Jesus Christ. Just one illustration of this truth was in 220th GA’s action not to change the definition of marriage but rather to have the Office of Theology and Worship prepare and distribute materials to churches and presbyteries for engaged study during the next two years.”

I assume she meant she was glad that our decision would have a theological basis. But those words made me grateful that Jesus didn’t come to the Presbyterians and say “follow me” because, if he had, I fear we’d still be studying the issue. I wonder if civil rights had been in the hands of of the Presbyterian denomination if we would have found our courage by now? I am sick to the death of people who see themselves as moderate and fair, but do not realize that our GLBT brothers and sisters are locked out the whole time we are studying whether they are worthy to be who they truly are in our midst. When we do not stand up for the oppressed, we are not neutral, we have sided with the oppressor. To claim we are withholding justice to our brothers and sisters  under the guidance of the Holy Spirit seems particularly egregious.