I belong to the world’s most dangerous profession- I am a clergy.

While there is very little physical danger in the life of clergy, but there is tremendous danger to their spirit. Every day they are expected to be certain about matters which no one really knows. Every day they are expected to display some pretended magical power through ritual or prayer. So long as clergy’s “truth” is what people want to hear, they are honored. As soon as they confront their group with an unpleasant reality, they often lose that trust. So long as they minister to the popular and famous, their status rises. As soon as they minister to those rejected by their group, they are usually rejected too.

While my profession is quite easy on the body, it the most dangerous path possible for my soul. Can I reject the temptation to give my group what they want instead of what they need?  Can I empower others without becoming their shepherd thus relegating them to the role of sheep? Can I be an authentic human being and not pretend to be anything more?

Some say prostitution is the oldest profession, but it possible that long before anyone thought of selling their body for goods or status, someone else raised their arms to bless the hunt.