Studying wisdom literature from around the world is one of my favorite things. This weekend, I am speaking at a Retreat at Ancient Yoga Center. Jogi Bhagat does a great job at these retreats and I am always honored to be asked. Last year I shared Gandhi’s wonderful commentary on the Bhagavad Gita and how he bridged spirituality and activism.

This year they have asked me to speak on “The Meaning of Life.” Obviously, it is a trick question that has bewildered people through the ages. Any answer pretends one can get outside the universe and grasp an understanding of the whole. Any answer is also a futile effort to reduce the universe to human purposes, and to the nouns and verbs of human language. I will contend that the real question we are asking is not “What is the meaning of life?” but “What is it that makes for a meaningful life?” Hopefully they won’t be disappointed.