One of my sick hobbies is to go to strange religious and political sites on I am fascinated by human thought gone astray. So the rash of strange Obama conspiracy theories has been like a opium den for my pitiful addiction. Here are some more examples I found this week. Some of the clips are a bit long, but you’ll quickly get a sense of the logic of the theory, or lack there of.

Did you know what “Yes we can!” played backwards is? Of course you don’t you pathetic sheep. “Yes we can” played backwards is “Thank you Satan.” I’m not sure where the “th” sound comes from but we all know Satan is very crafty.

Are Osama bin Laden and and Obama same person? Wake up people! Why do you think it was so important for Obama to “kill” bin Laden and dump his “body” at sea? Obviously he was covering his tracks! This is another scientific study of eye widths and hand shapes. We all know there is not respected science than phrenology.

Did Obama kill Whitney Houston? This story is too hot for the mainstream media to touch. This study, also scientific, recounts her last moments. It captures what she was thinking in those last moments alone. Don’t ask how they would know what she was thinking while she was alone. Let the river of conspiracy certainly sweep over you.