Most people equate “genocide” with the actual attempt to exterminate a people, as when the Nazis tried to exterminate Jewish and other groups they considered inferior human beings. But according to the legal definition of the word, genocide is also the attempt to make it impossible for a people to exist as a cultural or political entity. By that definition, it can be contended that the Palestinian people are suffering genocide.

The UN Report included below is a very conservative, matter of fact description of life in Gaza. It does not vilify Israel, but it does put the handwriting on the wall. Between blockades, settlements, and different laws for Jewish and Palestinian people, one does not have to look very far down the road to see the extinction of the Palestinian people as a cultural and political entity with a homeland of their own.

Every nation has a right to defend itself, and Israel is no exception to that rule. Israel does have enemies from which it should be safe, but that does not justify mistreatment of those weaker in its midst. Many modern Israelites believe God gave them the promised land, they should also notice that the conditions for that gift was that they not mistreat the sojourner and alien in their midst.