“I do solemnly pledge that I will  faithfully execute the office of citizen of the United States, and that I will,  to the best of my ability, help create a truly democratic world by (1) going  beyond mainstream corporate news media to seek out information about important  political, economic, and social issues; (2) engaging fellow citizens, including  those who disagree with me, in serious discussion and debate about those issues;  (3) committing as much time, energy, and money as possible to help build  [authentic] grassroots political organizations that can pressure politicians to  put the interests of people over profit and power; and (4) connecting these  efforts to global political and social movements fighting the U.S. empire  abroad, where it does the most intense damage. I will continue to resist  corporate control of the world, resist militarism, resist any roll-back of civil  rights, and resist illegitimate authority in all its forms. [And I will commit  to collective efforts in my local community to help build joyful alternatives to  an unsustainable consumer society.]” -Robert Jensen